New Client Portal

Our new website offers some fantastic client features and benefits.  One of the features is a client portal.  The client portal helps clients with time and distance constraints complete their tax returns without having to come to the office.

The client portal is faster and more secure than email.  Clients upload their tax return documents into a secure portal quickly and easily.  The tax return documents are immediately available for their tax preparer to view.  When the tax preparer finishes with the returns, a copy is available for the client to download and review.  When the client is satisfied with their tax returns, they return signed signature pages by downloading them back into the secure portal.  When the tax preparer has the signature pages we e-file your tax returns.

We are happy to make available the innovative client portal technology.  When a face to face appointment is not practical, the client portal is a great option to utilize to have your tax returns professionally prepared at your convenience.

Clients interested in using the client portal should contact their tax preparer.  The tax preparer will email some simple instructions on how to proceed.