Tax Tips for Military Personnel

Garfield Heights, Ohio – Members of the military and their families may be eligible for special tax benefits. For federal tax purposes, the U.S. Armed Forces include enlisted personnel in all regular and reserve units controlled by the Secretaries of Defense—the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard and Navy. Travel expenses can be deducted if they […]

E-filing Your Tax Return – Simple and Safe

Garfield Heights, Ohio – Not so long ago e-filing taxes wasn’t very common. In 2001, of all the federal tax returns filed, 31% were filed electronically. In nine short years, approximately 70% of all federal tax returns filed in 2010 were done so electronically. Those who don’t e-file are now the exception. Why would almost […]

Avoid Common Tax Return Errors

Avoid Common Tax Return Errors Incorrect Social Security numbers top the list of most frequent mistakes. Garfield Heights, OH. – At the close of each tax filing season, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) compiles a list of the most common errors taxpayers make when filing their tax returns. Believe it or not, incorrect mathematical calculations […]

Real Estate Property Tax Deduction

A taxpayer is eligible to take an itemized tax deduction for real estate taxes paid during the tax year.  Whether a taxpayer itemizes their tax return deductions or takes the standard deduction depends on which one will give the taxpayer the greatest tax benefit. In order for the taxpayer to be eligible to take the […]

Tax Appointment

Tax Practitioner’s often receive questions about what to bring to a tax appointment.  We like when taxpayers bring their tax documents in early in the season.  Attached is an organizer to give you some ideas of what you will need:  Individual Organizer Tax Pros love to see last years filed tax returns.  There are several elements […]

Use of Last Pay Stub Prohibited

Authorized IRS e-file Providers are prohibited from submitting electronic returns to the IRS prior to the receipt of all Forms W-2, W-2G, and 1099-R from the taxpayer.  The IRS has good reasons to prohibit the use of a taxpayers last pay stub in lieu of the actual W2. Taxpayers are reasonable to expect that their […]

Top 3 Things To Do Now Before 2018

  With the recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, there are a few things individual taxpayers should consider doing now before the end of 2017.  The tax reform which goes into effect on January 1, 2018, will make the following individual tax deductions more difficult to realize on a 2018 tax return. […]

IRS Phone Call Scam

Throughout the year, we receive several client questions regarding the legitimacy of phone calls claiming to be Internal Revenue Agents.  People are right to be skeptical of any phone call claiming to be from one of the tax authorities.  The tax authorities do not call or use email to initiate contact with taxpayers.  Any phone […]

Charitable Contributions

With the spirit of the holiday season in full swing, we often receive questions about charitable donations.  A qualified charitable donation might allow a taxpayer to realize a tax deduction for their good deed.  Regardless of a possible tax benefit, an individual should give simply for the principle or spiritual gain of giving. A taxpayer […]

New Client Portal

Our new website offers some fantastic client features and benefits.  One of the features is a client portal.  The client portal helps clients with time and distance constraints complete their tax returns without having to come to the office. The client portal is faster and more secure than email.  Clients upload their tax return documents […]